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A collection of businesses we recommend plus some useful items. 

Dog Friendly Cafés

Click the button to reveal cafés that welcome or actually encourage dog owners and their dogs.

Pet Sitter Plus

Pet sitting software for professional dog walkers, pet sitters, day care centres, home boarders, groomers & dog trainers.

Bayside Cabin

Beautifully situated on Stoke bay beach looking out onto the Solent 

Encourages dogs and have an out door seating area where bowls of water are on offer to dogs.


Stokes Bay Rd, Alverstoke, Gosport PO12 2QT

Bettacare Child and Pet Gate

We use this pet gate in our home.  Its tall enough to stop big dogs jumping over, while as flexible as a normal gate.


Wonderfully situated looking out onto the Solent, with beautiful walks along the nature reserve and along the Solent pathway close by. Breezers goes all out for their doggie customers and offers a select menu of Cumberland sausage and biscuits for breakfast and lunchtimes. There is a board of doggie rules and if doggies are well behaved a treat on departing is given as a reward.


66-68 Hill Head Road, Fareham. PO14 3JB


In the heart of a quaint village of Alverstoke. Loves to have dogs visiting their cafe.


47 Village Road, Alverstoke, Gosport. PO12 2LD

Dog Pet Corrector

Great tool for distraction.  Only needs to be used once or twice when your Dog is behaving badly, eg barking, rough play etc, and then all that is needed is to show them the red can.  Therefore we buy the 30ml sized one.

Dog Whistle

We use this whistle from Amazon.  Different codes have different tones.

Dog walking torch

After a great deal of research we found this torch to be the best for dog walking.  Yes its an amazon link, but you cant go wrong with this for £10.00 at 29/12/2014

Poo Bags

We buy these.  They are big and strong and at around 2p each, very cheap.

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