Gift Vouchers

Why not treat a friend or relative who has a pet to some time off and let us look after thier loved one for them?

Buy a voucher from your franchise

You can buy directly from your participating franchise, and they will issue you a Gift Voucher branded with their franchise on receipt of payment.  Even though this is a franchise specific Voucher, it will be redeemable anywhere in Doggie Holiday Homes.  This is a great way to introduce someone new to your favourite.


Buy a voucher online

You can order online and we will deliver a Gift Voucher either by email or post, depending on your choice. 


  1. Decide on your voucher code.  Please use this code in your bank reference field when paying by bank transfer.

  2. Decide the amount you require.  

  3. Add £2 if physical vouchers are required to be posted (To cover signed for costs and packing).

  4. First send a payment to DHH Group bank.  The Sort Code is 16-57-10 and account number is 56373004 - don't forget to enter your payment ref, the same one as to appear on the voucher or something else that makes it recognisable fr this voucher.

  5. Fill in the email form correctly and press send.  It is important you complete the details accurately so we can match with your payment.  You can add a special message to the Gift Voucher email/post, or use the send to address field for any other message to us.

  6. We will confirm receipt and ship out to your nominated destination as fast as we can.


Summary of Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions can be seen by scrolling down.  Below are the important items.


  • Gift Cards can be used to pay any franchise for services irrespective of issuer, who will use it to deposit funds against the customer account for the face value amount.  

  • Physical Gift Cards can be posted to you, or you can collect.  

    • If posted, P&P charge of £2 applies to cover signed for post

    • You may purchase and collect Gift Cards directly from your Frachise

    • You may collect Online purchases for Vouchers from head office

  • Electronic gift cards can be emailed.

  • You can choose your own (personalised) ID to be used against the record of purchase, or we will decide one for you

    • If buying online, your chosen Gift Card ID must be quoted in your banks payment ref so we can easily match it.

  • Gift cards will be valid for 1 year from date of purchase and then they will no longer be valid.  


Gift Voucher full Terms and Conditions



1.1          These terms and conditions apply to Gift Vouchers purchased online or via a Doggie Holiday Homes franchise.

1.2          Gift Vouchers are issued by Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd, 12 Martinet Drive, Lee On Solent, Hampshire PO13 8GP  In this agreement, “We”, “Us” or “Our” refers to Doggie Holiday Homes  Ltd, or any of the Doggie Holiday Homes franchises.

1.3          This document sets out an agreement between you and us governing the possession and use of the Gift Voucher.  This agreement will last for a period of 12 months, starting on the date that the Gift Voucher was purchased.  This agreement and all communications between you and us shall be in the English language.

2.            GIFT VOUCHERS

2.1          A Gift Voucher is a prepaid payment Voucher which may be used to pay into your account at any Doggie Holiday Homes franchise.  Vouchers can only be redeemed in full.

2.2          The Gift Voucher is not covered by the Payment Services Regulations 2009 or the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.  The purchase of a Gift Voucher is the purchase of a means of payment, it is not a deposit.  You will not earn interest on the balance of the Voucher. 

2.3          The Voucher and associated balance are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase (or date we accept payment for your order in the case of Vouchers purchased on the Internet).  Your Gift Voucher will cease to be valid 12 months from the date of purchase.  On that date, the Voucher will cease to function and you will not be entitled to use the Voucher.

2.4           Gift Voucher will be available for use one working day after purchase to allow for central recording of the data.

2.5          If the Gift Voucher was purchased over the Internet, monies on the Gift Voucher will normally be available for use up to two working days after payment notified through confirmation of receipt of the order.

2.6          Additional funds cannot be loaded onto the Gift Voucher after initial purchase, except in the case where a franchise refunds a transaction onto the Gift Voucher. Refunds usually take several days to reach your Voucher, please see Section 12.4 for details.

2.7          More than one gift Voucher can be used at a time. 



3.1          We may ask for evidence of your identity before we issue a Gift Voucher to you.  We do this to prevent fraud and money laundering, and we also use this information to help us identify you and your Voucher in the event that it is lost or stolen, or you want a refund of the Voucher balance.  We only keep this information as long as is necessary and for the purposes described.  Please see Section 15 for more information.

3.2          If you fail to provide us with the requested evidence of identity, or if at our sole discretion we are not satisfied with the evidence you have presented to us, we reserve the right not to issue a Gift Voucher to you.  Our decision shall be final, and we shall not be obliged to provide a reason for refusing to issue a Gift Voucher to you.

3.3          Where you apply for a Voucher via the Internet, we will record your supplied details against the transaction.

3.4          The purchase of or use of the Gift Voucher will indicate to us that you consent to the data being recorded in this agreement being undertaken.


4.            FEES AND CHARGES

The following fees and charges apply to the Gift Voucher:

£9.95      Administration fee – for the manual work involved in carrying out the redemption or refund of the remaining Voucher balance   

£5.95      Administration fee – for the administration work involved in replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Voucher 



5.1          A Gift Voucher may be used by the purchaser of the Gift Voucher or it may be given to another person as a gift.  At the time of use, the Gift Voucher should be completed with the name of the franchise it is being redeemed to, person using it and date of use.

5.2          You will hand pass over your gift Voucher to the Franchise with the completed information and they will credit your account with the values of the Voucher.

5.3          Once we have received your instruction to proceed with the transaction, the transaction cannot be stopped or revoked.  Please refer to Section 12 of this agreement for more information. We will deduct the value of the transaction in Pounds Sterling from the remaining balance of the Gift Voucher.  The franchise that has accepted your Voucher for payment will normally receive payment at the end of the month.

5.4          The Gift Voucher may be used in full or part payment for purchases. In the case of part payment, the person using the Gift Voucher will be required to pay the outstanding amount of the purchase by an alternative means, for example, cash.

5.5          This Voucher can only be used in Pound Sterling.


6.1          A Gift Voucher may only be used for payment within Doggie Holiday Homes group of Franchises.

6.2          A Gift Voucher cannot be topped up after purchase.

6.3          A Gift Voucher cannot be used to withdraw cash.

6.4          A Gift Voucher is not linked to a bank account and is not a cheque guarantee Voucher, charge Voucher or credit Voucher, nor does it attract interest on the balance, nor may it be used as evidence of identity.

6.5          Use of a Gift Voucher may be restricted without notice if suspicious, fraudulent or illegal activities are identified or suspected, if we believe you have not complied with these terms and conditions, or in the event of exceptional circumstances which prohibit the normal operation of the Gift Voucher.


7.            DELIVERY BY POST

71.          We will post your Gift Voucher by Royal Mail as Signed For.  The cost of this is covered within the £2.00 post and packaging fee.

7.2           We will not send physical Vouchers by any other delivery method.

7.3           We accept no liability for lost post other than that specified in 11.4.1


8.1          Your Gift Voucher will cease to be valid 12 months from the date of purchase – this is referred to as the “expiry date”.  On that date, the Voucher will cease to function and you will not be entitled to use the Voucher.  The associated balance of the Voucher (if any) at the expiry date will be forfeited, therefore you should use the full value of the Voucher before its expiry date. Any funds forfeited will be used for the ongoing operation of the gift Voucher programme.

8.2          For a period of 90 days starting from the expiry date, you will be entitled to redeem the remaining balance of the Voucher at the time of expiry, subject to an administration fee of £9.95 and providing that we are satisfied that you are the rightful owner of the Gift Voucher.  We may ask you to provide evidence of ownership of the Gift Voucher before carrying out the redemption, for example by providing us with a scanned copy of the Gift Voucher, and we may also require evidence of your identity. 

8.3          If you are in any doubt as to the expiry date of the Voucher, you should call us.


9.1          Only the person who has purchased the Gift Voucher will be able to request a refund, subject to proof of identity and ownership of the Gift Voucher. Any refund will be made by returning funds to the source of the original Gift Voucher purchase.

9.2          The purchaser of the Voucher is entitled to a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period.  Should you wish to cancel your Gift Voucher please return it unused within 14 days of purchase and a full refund will be made.

9.3          After 14 days from the date of purchase only the balance remaining on the Gift Voucher will be refunded and any refund will be subject to a £9.95 administration fee to cover the costs of processing the refund and cancelling the Gift Voucher.



10.1 You are responsible for keeping your Gift Voucher and its details safe.  This means you must take all reasonable steps to avoid the loss, theft or misuse of the Gift Voucher or details.  Do not disclose the Gift Voucher details to anyone except where necessary to complete a transaction. You should be happy that the Doggie Holiday Homes Franchise is genuine and has taken adequate steps to safeguard your information before proceeding with the transaction and supplying them with the Voucher details. 



11.1        If you lose your Gift Voucher or it is stolen or damaged please notify Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd immediately in accordance with paragraph Section 13 of this agreement. You will be asked to provide your Gift Voucher number and other information to verify that you are the authorised Voucherholder. Following satisfactory completion of the verification process, Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd will then immediately block any lost or stolen Gift Voucher to prevent unauthorised use and prevent further use.

11.2        If we believe you have acted fraudulently or you have intentionally or with gross negligence failed to keep your Gift Voucher and/or details of its security features safe, you will be held liable for all transactions.  We may limit your liability to a maximum of £50 for lost or stolen Gift Vouchers prior to you notifying us of the loss or theft, however it is important that you contact us as soon as you can.  If we believe you have delayed notifying us or acted negligently, you may be held liable for the full amount.

11.3        After you have notified us of the loss, theft or damage of your Gift Voucher and providing that we are able to identify your Voucher and satisfy certain security checks, you will be able to be issued a replacement Voucher. A cancellation and replacement fee of £5.95 per Gift Voucher will be deducted from the remaining balance on the Gift Voucher, or you may elect to pay the fee separately. Replacement Vouchers can only be collected up to the expiry date of the original Voucher (as detailed in 8.1).  The replacement Voucher will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date that you collect the replacement Voucher.  The cooling off period described in Section 9.2 does not apply to replacement Vouchers. 

11.4        If gift Voucher is requested to be posted (via signed for post) and the Voucher fails to deliver, we will send the signed for evidence of delivery if available. 

             11.4.1    If not available – eg the post office lost the post, we will re-issue and claim from the post office and not charge any administration fee. 

             11.4.2    If there is evidence of delivery and you still require another, we will charge additional postage and administration fee as detailed in section 4.

            11.4.3   Subject to cooling off period detailed in section 9.2,  if there is evidence of delivery and you require cancellation and refund, then the administration fee will apply as per section 4.



12.1        We are not responsible for the safety, legality, quality or any other aspect of the goods and services purchased with the Gift Voucher.

12.2        If you believe you did not authorise a particular transaction, or if you have any dispute over the goods or services purchased, you should contact Doggie Holiday Homes Limited

                12.2.1     If you identify a transaction that you believe was unauthorised or incorrectly carried out, you must notify us without undue delay and in any event, not more than 13 months after the date of the transaction.  If we believe you have failed to notify us without undue delay we will not be able to assist you with the dispute.

                12.2.2     If we have reason to believe that you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence based upon evidence available to us at the time, we will investigate the circumstances of the case, and may refuse to return the value of an unauthorised or incorrectly executed transaction until we have completed our investigation and are satisfied that you are entitled to redress.

12.2.3     Providing that you have notified us of an unauthorised or incorrectly executed transaction without undue delay and you have not acted fraudulently or with gross negligence, we will restore your Gift Voucher to the position it would have been had the unauthorised or incorrectly executed transaction not taken place.

12.3        Where a franchise provides a refund for any reason (for example, if you agreed to cancel your booking and want to use a different franchise) it can take several days for the notification of the refund and the money itself to reach us.  As such, please allow 5-10 days from the date the refund was carried out for the refund to be applied to your Gift Voucher account, although we will try to act a lot faster.



13.1        All telephone enquiries in connection with a Gift Voucher should be made through the source you purchased originally. We will endeavour to resolve all enquiries immediately, however please note that certain types of enquiry can only be resolved during normal business hours.

13.2        Our normal business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.  Correspondence received after the close of business on a particular day will be treated as having arrived at the start of following business day.

13.3        If you wish to make a complaint in relation to your Gift Voucher you should, in the first instance, contact us using the details provided above and explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction.  We will log your complaint and investigate it in accordance with our Internal Complaints Procedure, once we have investigated your complaint we will issue you with a final response in writing. 



14.1        None of the organisations described in Sections 1.2 and 1.3 will be liable for any:

- losses that were not foreseeable at the time of the purchase of the Gift Voucher;
- losses that were not caused by any breach on their part (each acting severally);
- business losses and/or losses to non-consumers.

In any event the liability of the organisations described in Sections 1.2 and 1.3 will be limited to the value loaded on the Gift Voucher at the time of purchase. 

14.2        If you have used your Voucher or allowed your Voucher to be used fraudulently, in a manner that does not comply with these terms and conditions, for illegal purposes, or if you have allowed your Gift Voucher or details to be compromised due to negligence you will be held responsible for the use and misuse of the Voucher.  We will take all reasonable and necessary steps to recover any loss from you, and there shall be no maximum limit to your liability except where relevant laws or regulations impose such a limit.  This means you should take care of your Gift Voucher and details and act responsibly, or you will be held liable.

14.3        Providing that you have taken all reasonable care necessary, and in consideration of the conditions of sections 12 and 14.2, the maximum liability you will have for misuse of a lost or stolen Gift Voucher or misuse of the Gift Voucher details will be £50.

14.4        The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does not apply to this Gift Voucher product.  This means in the event that Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd became insolvent, your Gift Voucher may cease to function and may become valueless, and you could lose the monetary value of the Gift Voucher.  You will not be able to reclaim this money from the FSCS.

14.5        Although the FSCS does not apply to your Gift Voucher, Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd and its commercial partners will undertake reasonable endeavours to keep your money safe, including holding funds in designated account.  We take protection of your money seriously, and will be happy to discuss this with you if you have any concerns or questions.



15.1        We collect certain information about the purchaser and the users of the Gift Voucher in order to operate the Gift Voucher programme.  For the purpose of collecting personal information Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd are Data Controllers as described in the Data Protection Act 1998.

15.2        Your personal data will be processed by all of the organisations described in Sections 1.2 and 1.3 of this agreement in order to administer the Gift Voucher and to deal with any enquiries you have about the Gift Voucher.

15.3        Unless you have provided your permission, your personal data will NOT be used for marketing purposes, nor will it be shared with third parties unconnected with the Gift Voucher scheme.

15.4        By purchasing or using the Gift Voucher, you are indicating to us that you agree to all of the conditions in this agreement regarding the processing of your personal data.  You have the right to request details of the personal information that is held about you, and you may receive this by contacting through your purchase method or writing to Doggie Holiday Homes Ltd, 12 Martinet Drive, Lee On Solent, PO13 8GP



16.1        These Terms and Conditions may be changed or amended at any time for legal, regulatory or security reasons or to enable the proper delivery of or to improve the delivery of the Gift Voucher scheme. If any changes are made they will be publicised two months before the changes take effect (unless law requires us to make a more immediate change).

16.2        Due to the nature of Gift Voucher programmes, it is often difficult or impossible for us to contact each individual Voucherholder in the event of a change to these terms & conditions.  It is therefore the responsibility of both the Gift Voucher purchaser and the recipient to check the website regularly for changes to terms & conditions.  We will assume that you have done so, and will be entitled to assume you have accepted any changes to these terms & conditions unless you notify us otherwise.  We will deal with any such circumstances on a case-by-case basis.


17.         LAW AND COURTS

17.1        The law of England and Wales applies to these Terms and Conditions and the courts of England and Wales will deal with any legal proceedings between us.


Head Office: DHH Group Ltd.  UK Company Registration No. 09579790.  Registered address 12 Martinet Drive, Lee On Solent, PO13 8GP. Tel 07588903343