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Office Use

For staff members only

Instructions for entry


To activate the login/register screen either click the button "Office Use Only" or the link at the top "Login/Sign up".  A couple of screenshots follow this explanation.


If you are new you need to sign up.  

When you get a login screen you will have a small link (highlighted in the picture below) to sign up.  Click this to get the signup screen. You may automatically land on the signup screen.


Follow the instructions.  Note, when you sign up, the webmaster does not get an email but has to proactively look at the events log, so you may have to nudge him via your franchise if you are in a hurry or its missed. 


Access will only be granted if.

1. You are a known team member of Doggie Holiday Homes

2. We are in possession of a signed NDA from you

If access is denied we will email you as to why, or confirm access granted.


If you have registered and need to log in

You will hopefully have seen given a confirmation email.  Irrespective, you need to log in via the login screen, activated the same way as for the Sign up screen.


If you choose to tick remember me when logging in, on your next visit by the same device/pc, you will be automatically recognised.


If you land on Sign Up there is a small link to switch to log in.

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