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Dog lovers wanted

Change your lifestyle and work-life balance


Work? Well not really, you take dogs into your home and look after them as part of your family unit. All our dogs are sociable and loving and a real pleasure to look after. Our customers will love you too and you will bring in extra household income.  We do have some demand for walkers too.


None of the marketing, admin and website building required just get exercise, fresh air, lots of Doggie love and a nice Tan!  Welcome friendly lovable Dogs into your life and be paid well for the pleasure.


If you join, you'll be likely getting work straight away. You can either take it easy or go for it; the amount of work you accept is in your hands and customer demand. For instance, you could be a teacher and only cover school holidays.


Average earning doing what you probably do already with your own dog is £500 a month, this equates to just looking after one dog the entire month. We regularly have people earn more than twice as much. All our dogs are carefully selected, sociable and loving and a real pleasure to look after. Our customers will love you too.


The type of people we want are home owners who are relatively fit, love dogs and will be home during the day. Babies or very young children in the home can be a problem, but you can have your own dogs already which actually means having more will not be any additional effort really.


Existing team members range from Retired couples, forces wives with older children, agency nurses, teachers, single mums, and couples - some of which providing services for Doggie Holiday Homes is their main household income.


So do not delay, please get in contact and change your life for the better.

How it works

Business will be allocated to you via your franchise and they will pay you monthly for the work carried out.


You will be providing care services for our customer’s pets, primarily dogs.  This will be Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, or House Visits.  The services you can provide will be your choice.  Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare normally go together as services and will require Walking while in care. However Dog Walking alone can be done in isolation, although demand for walks only is less, we still have many.


Bookings are fully automated. You will have access to our system to review and mark the progress of jobs as well as work out what will be paid to you.  Also, customer, pet details and special instructions if any will be visible.


We stipulate a maximum of 4 dogs at one time in a family home.  You can combine dog walking in addition or separately.  Our limit for walking is 4 dogs per adult.


You will be asked to take photo's of the dogs stay each day when Dog Boarding and less frequently for Dog Daycare and Dog Walking and upload them to your franchise's facebook, so their customers get a view of their pets stay with you while they are away.  You may also be asked to wear Doggie Holiday Homes clothing.  Visiting and walked dogs must wear the Doggie Holiday Home bandannas all the time including when Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare.  You will carry with you your franchise owner's business cards on walks for handing out to the public if asked. 


You will over time build a personal and trusting relationship with a number of customers.


You can still do things you would normally if you had your own dog within reason, such as going to the cinema, shopping, school run etc, as long as the dogs in your care have had their needs met.


You will be given an operations manual by your franchise, support and training.  We all work very closely together so support is always at hand and quality of service as stipulated in the manual is something we are passionate about.


You will be responsible for tax.

How It Works


You can earn a very useful additional income for your household while working around your other commitments.  Income will be dependent on demand and by what you can manage to deal with.


We find that typical average earnings for someone walking a couple of hours a day during weekdays plus 10 dog days of Dog Boarding and or Dog Daycare is in the region of £700 per month net.  Busy team members earn over twice as much, some choose to limit themselves to school holidays, or a couple of days a week for example, or they already have a number of family dogs, thereby restricting their numbers.  In theory, if you wish to work full time, have no dogs yourself and the demand is there - eg the summer holidays, potential earnings are in excess of £2000 a month, particularly during the summer.

Many of our team have this as their main income, preferring the exercise, fresh air and doggie love to their previous work.



There are none, apart from what may be necessary on initial setup to make your home dog-friendly.  We supply you with clothing and do all the administration and advertising.  You just carry out the required services.  You may need to get the following as a one-off setup.

  • Stair gate - to secure some areas away from dogs

  • Lead - most owners bring their own, but some can forget!

  • Car leads - if you collect/transport dogs.

  • Bowls - most owner bring their own, but some can forget these too!

  • Dog Throws - or large blankets etc, to protect your furniture 



You need to be relatively healthy, customer focused and not in full-time work. 


If you are providing Dog Boarding or Dog Daycare, then additionally you need 

  • Suitable accommodation with enclosed safe garden

  • Ideally, no resident children under the age of 11, definitely no babies.  However, if you have children that can look after themselves and be safely separated from the dogs, who also know doggy manners (eg no neck-hugging, rough play or face kissing etc), we can place carefully selected Dogs in your home.

  • If you already have a dog, it needs to be sociable. 

  • On rare occasions, a new visiting dog may not be sociable despite owners claim.  Because of this, you must be able to separate dogs from each other during their stay, whilst not overly impacting your family home environment.  We will not accept bookings again from troublesome dogs or carefully place in homes with no other dogs etc.

  • You will follow the Doggie Holiday Homes operation manual strictly.  It is our quality bible and important that we maintain standards of care our customers come to expect.  We will walk you through this on your induction and provide you with access to it shortly after.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much can I earn?

Earnings are dependant on your appetite, availability, and customer demand which can be seasonal.  Regular average earning is £500 a month part-time (equivalent to just 1 dog staying a full month), we regularly pay over a £1000 in a month, the potential is over £2000 a month but so far, apart from a few team members, only franchise owners have had the full-time dedication to achieve this.


Do I need a garden?

Yes if you are doing boarding and daycare.  We do have some people doing walking only, but the majority of the team host dogs in their home as well as walking, and this requires a garden.


Can I have children under 10?

Children under 10 can be a health and safety issue.  They do not know Doggie etiquette properly, and some dogs can be excitable.  We do however have homes with younger children, although they are by their nature limited to what dogs they can accept and also have in place separate areas from the dogs.  We feel that both guest dogs and babies cannot be properly cared for at the same time.


I have dogs of my own, can I still do boarding?

Absolutely if they are sociable.  Although the number of dogs you have limits the number of guests you can accept.  However, most of our team and franchises already have dogs of their own and they find therefore tagging one or two guests on with their existing routine is actually no additional effort.


Can I leave the house to do shopping etc?

Yes.  As long as you have taken care of the needs of your Doggie guests (exercised, fed, watered and content) and your absence is not prolonged, you can carry out your normal living activities.


I work part-time, can I still have dogs boarding?

Only if you are absent only for a short time.  For instance, you could have a responsible teen child at home during the holidays and as long as the owners are happy, leave the dogs with the teen during the day, after a walk and feed.  You cannot however simply walk feed and then abandon for 4 hours each day.  The dogs are with us for care, which includes company, along with housing and exercise.


I can not drive, is it a problem?

No, it is not, although preference will be given to people who can drive.  Not being able to drive restricts you from some services, but it is not a reason to say you cannot do the work.  For instance, if you are doing lunchtime walks, this normally involves picking up and dropping off at the customer's home.  Any transportation for Vets etc can be covered by your franchise owner.


I don’t have a Facebook account how do I put pictures up?

You will need Facebook, but you can have a dormant one and we can help you with setting it up if required.  You will also need a camera plus a computer or smartphone, so you can upload pictures to our business Facebook.  Our customers rely on this, primarily those boarding, often logging on while on holiday to see the adventures of their fur-baby.  We require you to do this as part of your work.


How do I pay my tax?

We pay you as a self-employed service provider.  This income is your responsibility to declare to His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  We can advise you how this is achieved by keeping records and declaring as part of self-assessment, but for professional advice please see a bookkeeper or an accountant particularly if you run other sole trader or company or other business models.  We can give you basic advise and pointers.



To apply, contact a franchise detailing your location, circumstances and what attracts you to becoming a Doggie Holiday Homes team member. 


Alternatively, email head office here and we will engage the right person.

By applying you agree with the following: 

  • You love dogs and animals in general and are relatively fit.  

  • You have online access.  

  • You can use a phone and a camera.  

  • You do not have babies or very young children in the home.  

  • If you are boarding you have access to a garden.

  • You are home during the day and evening.  

  • You are happy speaking to customers.  


Preference will be given to people who can drive, have their own home and are not working.

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