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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below set out an agreement between you the owner, Doggie Holiday Homes and the chosen carer of your pet.  Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here.


  1. Acceptance of a Quote or a Booking form will confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below.  This will be included in our documentation to you.

  2. At our discretion, bookings for boarding will not be confirmed until a non-refundable deposit has been paid. The remaining balance will be paid before dropping off your pet for their stay.

  3. Holiday boarding is invoiced in advance.

  4. Regular customers will be invoiced monthly, at the end of the month.

  5. Payment terms for invoices are by return.

  6. Cancellations must be notified to Doggie Holiday Homes in writing, electronic or paper.  We reserve the right to invoice you for the stay if the appointment cannot be fulfilled elsewhere due to the late cancellation or failure to place your pet without reasonable prior notice.

  7. You agree to provide full and detailed information in the booking form or in your online account about your pet/s. During your continued use of Doggie Holiday Homes services, you agree to keep us informed of any changes. 

  8. We request your dog be insured and that you share the insurance details with us.

  9. We will maintain and keep electronic records of your account and transactions.  We will not share this information with anyone outside of Doggie Holiday Homes

  10. All pets must be up to date with their vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments.

  11. You will deliver your pet in a clean condition, without any contagious infection unless agreed in advance by the carer and it is being properly treated.

  12. Your agreement with the carer and Doggie Holiday Homes is upon a mutually satisfactory meeting taking place at the carer's home prior to the board.

  13. In the event of any emergency, if the nominated carer is unable to proceed with the service we will endeavour to transfer the board to another carer.

  14. We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel the booking and refund your deposit without any liability to Doggie Holiday Homes.  We will only do this in very exceptional circumstances.

  15. We are happy to accept bookings for unspayed bitches at our discretion, however, if you believe your dog is due into season during her board you must inform us so we can make appropriate arrangements.

  16. If a bitch is handed over for care in-season or coming into season, without prior arrangement we have the right to refuse without liability, or re-arrangement of the services to mitigate the impact.

  17. We do not accept entire males over a year old unless they have been a regular client since being a puppy.

  18. We reserve the right of re-homing or separation at our discretion to maintain the general high quality of service if your dog causes issues. 

  19. You agree to supply enough food for the duration of your pet's care, bedding, lead and any toys which will help your dog to settle. If insufficient food is supplied at the start of the board you agree to refund the carer costs incurred purchasing more food.

  20. Our homes cater for caring for your dogs within a home environment.  While we ensure this environment is appropriate for the care of dogs, if your dog causes damage to the carer's home, other than reasonable wear and tear, you agree to reimburse any reasonable cost incurred by the carer to rectify the damage.

  21. If you collect your pet before the confirmed end date of the service you will not receive a refund.

  22. You will be liable for any costs such as other owners' vet bills, lost bookings etc caused by your dog’s behaviour.

  23. If your pet becomes unwell or has an accident during his board we will take him to your veterinary surgery. You agree to be responsible for payment of veterinary fees, accident, injury and third-party liability incurred upon your return. We recommend that your pet is insured against sickness, accident, injury and third-party liability before the start of our care.

  24. Dogs can only be walked off-lead with the owner's permission.

  25. If required by you, we will keep keys to your property for access to your pet.  The keys will be labelled with your pet's name, NOT your house address/your name.  We will maintain records on our systems of ownership of these keys as required.

  26. In the event of loss of keys while in our care, we will advise you and our insurance will cover the cost of changing your locks.

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