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Review: Paul Cooper

I couldn't be more impressed with Doggie Holiday Homes and Kay who looks after Poppy. Poppy has several illnesses including Epilepsy and Severe Irritable Bowel Disease which means she has several medications to take daily and has to be watched so that she doesn't eat anything other than her specialist foods otherwise she'll become ill. It also leads to her having some behavioural problems which have been challenging for other dog boarders and led to us trying Kay.

Kay was very understanding of her problems and medications and took all of it in her stride.

Since going there, Poppy hasn't had any relapses illness wise and has become much more tolerant of other dogs which wasn't the case elsewhere. This is down to Kays patience with her and constant reassuring which is what I am able to do with her but I was doubtful someone else would have the time or patience to do.

I could not be happier to have found Doggie Holidays Homes and I would highly recommend them, especially if you have a dog requiring more 'specialist' skills.

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