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Review by Matt Thornton


This has to be the most enthusiastic review we have ever seen:

What can I say... other than amazing!! Buster loves visiting Stacey! He loves her and her two lovely fir babies.. they are busters best friends! Stacey is now 'auntie' Stacey!

Me and my wife were both worried the first couple of times we put our trust in somebody else to look after our little boy.. he was only a pup so very adventurous and quite disobedient at times! As time went on we realised Stacey had total control over him and we were confident he was in safe hands! A few walks later and a few days of buster in day care we were ready to take the next leap!.. busters first sleepover!! We have him in our bed at home he sits with us, sleeps with us, eats with us, he comes to work with me everyday (hes our baby, we smother him) so he just loves being in company! Again we were quite worried about his first big night away.. (for him and stacey) as we didn't know how he would take it not being with us! Turns out he had the time of his life and didn't want to come home the next morning!! He was a very good boy for auntie Stacey and didn't annoy her husband mark too much either! A massive thanks to mark too for accepting buster into your home and treating him as one of your own!! As the first sleepover went so well we knew he'd be fine attending Staceys clan for more boarding and walking experiences! This is a great feeling and a great relief knowing buster is in good hands and comfortable in someone else's home and care!

Doggy holiday homes offer a wedding package which me and my wife found very convenient for us! On our big day Stacey had buster over for boarding the night before.. she took him for a good walk in the morning.. then off to the groomers to get pampered then she drove 21 miles to bring our boy to our wedding so he was part of our special day! Then back to hers for playtime with the other dogs and another sleep over! Without this service we wouldn't of known What to do! So convenient and such a great idea to take ALOT of stress out of such a busy and stressful time for us! We then left buster in staceys care for a week whilst we were honeymooning and we didnt have to worry about how he was! Constant pictures and updates on busters stay the whole time on the facebook page which was lovely to see whilst we were hundreds of miles away! We can't thank Stacey enough for the amount of effort she puts in to her work and for the time and effort outside of that to make sure buster is in care when we need it most! Stacey always does her best to fit buster in wether it's a walk or a last minute day care booking! I'm rubbish with times and dates so the website doggy holiday homes offers is very helpful with their booking calender and schedule.. It's very helpful! Buster always comes home happy, well fed and always knackered (happy parents) He absolutely loves his time at auntie Staceys and always crys when he has to come home lol.

Doggy holiday homes has been an absolute god send to us and I couldn't recommend them anymore! Just absolutely amazing for dog and human! We're at a point where we book buster in for day care now just so he can see his pals! Thankyou so so much for all your help and effort you put in for us and our buster �

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