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Gosport Council Dog Rules

Gosport council have published their rules on Dogs in public places after a lengthy consultation period.

You can read the announcement here

We at Doggie Holiday Homes feel the rules are acceptable and are pleased that the council listened to us and the public on some of the difficult measures, dropping for instance the lead walk ruling.

We have for years enforced a 4 dog per adult rule because we recognise the difficulty of giving good care and public safety.

These rules will come into force on the 1st on May 2017.

Well done Gosport council.


The new rules are the same as the ones now in force in the borough, except as follows:

  • The maximum number of dogs one person can control in a public space will be four, instead of six at present.

  • People walking a dog will have to put it on a lead if a council officer believes it is causing a nuisance or worrying other animals.

  • People walking a dog will have to carry something enabling them to pick up dog mess, and will have to show this to an officer if asked.

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