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New Franchise DHH Cams Hill Opens

Stacey and Tracy

We are excited to announce that Stacey and Tracy have started up a franchise called Doggie Holiday Homes Cams Hill.

Stacey and Tracy are neighbours in Cams Hill, Portchester. They have been team members of Doggie Holiday Homes UK from its inception.

Stacey and Tracy have been close to the way Doggie Holiday Homes operate for some time and we feel honoured that they chose to take the next step and start a business within the DHH Group.

They have a Van each and are starting as a partnership. You should soon see them around the area looking after the local fur babies.

Stacey and Tracy will be looking for homes to join their team so if you are interested in part time work from home being a host to sociable dogs then please get in contact.

Also anyone interested in giving their loved pet a special time in one of their holiday homes, or maybe just a trip out on an exciting walk, these ladies are ready for your call.

Customers and new team members enquiries can get in contact with Stacey and Tracy. Their home page holds all contact information and is:

If you are a previous customer of Stacey or Tracy and were pleased with thier service, we would appreciate your leaving a review to :

Please join us in wishing them success in this new venture.

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