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Suzy joins Doggie Holiday Homes

Suzy has joined Doggie Holiday Homes Tracy this week. Tracy is excited to have Suzy on-board and to enter into Port Solent Tracy is always interested in talking to any one who want to join, so if you want to know more please get in contact here or read more about it here.

Suzy introduces herself below.

Hello I’m Suzie. In late 2017, my husband Michael and I moved to Hill Head to live with my daughter Lucy and her husband Stuart following my retirement from a busy career in Norfolk. Over the years we have had many dogs, all equally adored, and when we moved here the household included a beloved, if slightly bonkers, Weimaraner called Willow who became a huge part of my new life and walking her was a daily delight. Sadly we lost her just before moving to Port Solent but now we have settled in, I can’t wait to work with Doggie Holiday Homes so that I can provide a happy, safe and loving home for your precious dogs and share the fresh air with many of them once again.

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