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Adrian and Amanda join Doggie Holiday Homes

Hello, I am Buddy, I am a fun loving golden retriever, and this is my sister Gracie who is a Brittany. We live with My Mum Amanda and Dad Adrian in Gosport, near St Vincent college. My Mum and Dad adopted me when I was 8 months old and Gracie, who came all the way from Spain in 2020 when she was 14 months old. We both now have a wonderful life. Our human siblings say, “You treat those dogs better than you treated us”. Which I am sure isn’t true. We love to play, go for walks, swim, and have sofa time. We have a lovely dog friendly garden to play in. We love making new friends, we have stayed with a few other Doggie Holiday Homes members before and can’t wait to share our home and walks with you. Bye for Now. Love Buddy, Gracie, Amanda, and Adrian.


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