Franchise in Dog Boarding, Walking, Daycare, Home Visits and Pet care.



The below figures are indicative based on the average of existing franchises.   Your revenue will depend on a number of factors, most controlled by you such as the success of marketing, pricing in your area and how much energy you put in.


Turnover / Gross profit *

Year 1 £25k / £18K

Year 2 £40k / £25K

Year 3 £65k / £35K


* Based on average performance.  Turnover = Total Sales and Gross Profit is Turnover minus team pay.



Setup / 1st year

  • £5000 (no VAT yet) for everything you need to get started

  • Recommend a (white) VAN purchase good second-hand diesel start around £3,000, electric £4,000

  • Zero to up to £1000 For home readiness



  • Monthly Service Management Fee - based on gross profit, NOT turnover, starts at 15%, scaling down  once £2,000 gross profit reached to 10%  (Check out how important this is in "WHY US")

  • Accountancy - we can place you on ours, recommended and more cost-effective

  • Business vehicle insurance - not much different to private insurance

  • Business Insurance - We use Clivertons, it works out at approx 0.75% of turnover, payable the second year running

  • Council registration - about £130 PA if you have to do it


Getting Started

It can take 3 to 6 months on average to get to the point of earning a gross profit of £2000 a month, you will need working capital to cover yourself in getting to this point.