Why Us

Franchise in Dog Boarding, Walking, Daycare, Home Visits and Pet care.

Key Benefits

Doggie Holiday Homes believe we have a setup that is best for you.  We have carried out and paid for extensive market analysis via The Franchise Development Centre.  We also have run a 2-year trial, from which we have evolved a model that works best for you through regular feedback from our franchises.  The key points to highlight are:


Gross Profit Management Service Fee

This is really important.  We charge service administration fee against Gross Profit.  This is very significant when you consider the impact of building a team.  We thereby support your growth and profitability, making building your business just as profitable.


To demonstrate:

You invoice your customers £1,000 for services provided by team members.  You pay your team members £750 for providing the services.


We would charge 10% of the £250 = £25 for franchise service administration

Other franchise companies we know charge 10% of turnover = £100, 4 times as much.  Put another way their 10% of turnover equates to 40% of your profit if using a team and our compensation rates, thereby reducing the incentive for your growth.


No allocated area

This can be a difficult one to understand the significant benefits because elsewhere the message is different. Other franchises "sell" area exclusivity as a benefit.  We believe this is not true.  Where we have started there are now 5 franchises, all helping and co-existing.  The combined turnover in just two small towns is £1/4 Million per annum as of 2016.  We feel despite being preeminent here, we still have only reached a small proportion of possible market base. With 8.5 Million dogs, 24% of UK households own a dog and the UK pet industry is valued at £4.6 billion with under £500 million being food sales, there is plenty of business to go round and collaboration makes it easier to service and grow collectively.


With a number of franchises close by, marketing impact of seeing a number of vans on the go at the same time, many team members in uniform and dogs in bandannas adds up to huge brand recognition.


Additionally, overflow bookings are passed around all franchisors for availability meaning booking to capacity is far easier to achieve through being part of a community.


First 3 months free

We give you a boost by waiving your first 3 months of service management fees.



Our price for the startup is based on the overall cost of getting you up and running plus license. It is to be noted that the supplies you get from us are at cost, meaning you benefit from volume discounts we can negotiate.  We are purely focused on your business building.


Everything you need

You will be hard pressed to find as comprehensive a package as this. Financial, Sales and Marketing, Operations and IT are all covered.


Reduced risk

We offer a 12 months guarantee of returning your franchise fee if you fail to meet £2000 a month gross profit any month, after 12 months and you wish to exit.