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Review by Claire Mc Quairrie


I left my Lola with George and may beaver for a week and from the moment I left her till I saw her again she was never left alone I liked that fact as they are both retired and love dogs and they took her away in their caravan to a lovely farm where she was free to run around and be off the lead which she loves. George and May treated Lola as their own they allowed her to sleep with them, sit with them they even did more than 1 walk a day I can’t recommend George and May enough they put Lola first and everyday they put photos up so you can see the fun they are having. I enjoyed my holiday as I knew Lola was safe and with her every minute. Lola decided to not eat much which is normal and George and May went out of their way and brought fresh chicken and cooked it up for her. If your looking for some where for your dog to be these two are the best they treat your dog like their own thank you George and may for looking after my Lola so well and taking her on her first holiday

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