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Review by Donna Frampton

Charlotte and her team deliver exceptional service for their clients. Follows just one of many reviews for their services. Charlotte is looking for more team members like Tamara and her team who are excited to look after your loved dogs while you are away. If you are interested, please get in contact with Charlotte here.

Review by Donna

What can I say about DHH, except absolutely brilliant! We have had a couple of walkers before for our Great Dane Penny, but none of them have come close to how much Penny adores Tamara! Penny is so happy with her visits from Tamara and I always know when she has had a fab time. Tamara is always happy to support with any of our needs for penny and takes care of penny as if she is her own dog. Tamara is loving, kind and confident with Penny and that is exactly what Penny needed. We couldn’t be more happy with the service we receive and how brilliant Tamara is, we highly recommend DHH all our friends and family.


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